Branded Tattoo Kits


Tattoo Kit: Inkstar Venture Kit

The Inkstar Venture Tattoo Kit is a brand new bare bones package that comes with the basic necessities for learning how to tattoo. In addition to everything that comes with this package. Inkstar machines are designed as entry level to intermediate pieces that are fully upgradeable with custom parts. The signature Inkstar short coils allow for lower voltage settings requirements for your power supply, resulting in less chances of the frame heating up. There is a 6 month warranty that covers all hardware for these kits, consumables are not covered.

Tattoo Kit Components Checklist
1. Inkstar Brute, liner/shader, 8 wrap coils
2. Voltz Power Supply, 110V
3. Clip cord
4. Foot pedal
5. Black latex gloves x 2 pairs
6. O rings pack
7. T black nipples pack
8. Rubber bands pack
9. Tuning keys for the tattoo machine
10. Disposable ink cup holder x 4
11. Hildbrandt premium tattoo needles pack, 50 needles total
12. Aluminum grip with tube stem
13. Disposable black tube tips, matches the needles included
14. Hildbrandt Tattoo Training DVD
15. Radiant Colors Tribal Black 1/2 oz ink
16. 7% Hildbrandt Membership Discount card


Hildbrandt Professional Tattoo Kit System

Hildbrandt Professional Tattoo Kit is a training system that combines the Tattoo Supply & Equipment Crash Course 101, the comprehensive textbook Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo, visual tutorial of the Hildbrandt Training DVD and the hardware necessary to learn the trade. This kit was put together for the purpose of continued use after your apprenticeship. The Hildbrandt machines are easy to work with, easy to tune and run as good as the best on the market. The Hildbrandt Abrams Dual Power Supply is reliable, rugged and can jack in two guns. All consumables are sterilized and blister packed. There is a vast amount of talented artists out there that use Hildbrandts.


Tattoo Kit: Inkstar Ace Kit

The Inkstar Ace Tattoo Kit is a brand new intensive training package that comes with a horde of machines, equipment and supplies to jump start your venture into the world of tattooing. The difference between this Ace kit and  other one by Inkstar is the other comes with a convention carrying case whilst this one does not. The Ace is the ideal package, with a vast amount of educational material, pre-tuned machines and a large amount of supplies like needles, ink, tubes, etc… Every part of this package from the type of machines to the type of tubes is the brain child of a team of experienced artists.  The Inkstar brand is steadily gaining recognition as an excellent entry level to intermediate grade equipment. The signature branded Inkstar compact coils allow for lower voltage settings requirements for your power supply, resulting in less chances of the frame heating up.

Tattoo ink for Colored ,Black & White ink tattoos


Tatto ink set – moms 14 loz primary

MOMs Millennium Colorworks tattoo ink set. Includes a total of 14 bottles, each color in 1oz bottles. Millennium Colorworks is an old timer in tattoo ink brands. Over the years, it has been touted as a brand that is reliable and chosen by professional artists internationally. Set comes with the following: 14 Kt Gold, Black Onyx, Brown Sugar, Ectoplasmic Green, Fleshy Flesh, Forest Gump Green, Hello Yellow, Ice Blue, Marvelous Magenta, Monthly Red, Power White, Pretty Boy Blue, Purple Nurple and Violent Violet.



Kuro sumi ink set

This is an extensive collection of some of the best colors from Kuro Sumi. Our inks are FRESH and Guaranteed Authentic. Each bottle is in 1/2 oz size.

Colors Checklist
* Samurai White
* White Rice Mixing
* Double Sumi
* Ninja Smoke
* Brown Belt
* Dragons Breath Red
* Rising Sun Orange
* Koi Yellow
* Golden Yamabuki
* Bamboo Green
* Sukiyaki Silver
* Tsunami Blue
* O-Shan Blue
* Magnolia Pink
* Mt. Fuji Magenta
* Shikon Purple

1000043-274x274 (1)

Radiant Colors 7 1/2 oz Tattoo Ink Set

Premium inks tattoo artists love. 7 colors: Scarlett Red, Lemon Yellow, Medium Green, Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Tribal Black and Super White. Radiant Colors tattooing ink has been filed with Health Canada’s Cosmetics notification with due diligence in researching the ingredients to ensure none are among the Health Canada’s Cosmetics Hotlist.




Starbrite 14 color ink set

Starbrite 14 color ink set. Consists of 14 of the most popular colors from Starbrite. Each color is in 1/2 oz bottles with the exception of the Brite White that comes in 2 oz. Starbrite is well known for their vivid colors that heal perfectly and stay that way. This is a brand that is well established in the industry and is used by professional artists. Set comes with the following: tribal black, crimson red, bubble gum pink, canary yellow, country blue, deep turquoise, deep blue, true green, lime green, brite orange, deep magenta, lavender, and golden yellow.

Tattoo machines and parts


Inkstar Machine

The Brute tattoo machine by Inkstar is setup as a 8 wrap liner. This is a brand new Inkstar machine for 2013. This piece weighs in at less than 6 oz (170 grams) which is very light for a coil machine but it still packs a punch with its compact Inkstar coils.


* 8 Wrap Coils
* Setup with liner springs
* Weighs less than 6 oz (170 grams)
* Extremely lightweight
* Compact coils allow for lower voltage use
* Best value for the money



Rotary tattoo machine -Hitman

The Hitman rotary tattoo machine by Inkstar is the updated version of the Hitman by Valsturd. As of 2013 We have phased out production of Valsturd and our new lower line of Hildbrandt, the Inkstar brand name has taken over. This updated version of the Hitman features a larger motor in comparison to its predecessor. In addition, the frame finishing is far superior due to upgraded finishing equipment by the factory. The Hitman runs smooth and silent.


Rotary tattoo machine -Hammer

The Hammer rotary tattoo machine by Inkstar utilizes swashdrive technology to create the up and down motion of the needle. For the non-initiated, watching a swashdrive rotary work is quite interesting. The utilization of this technology allows the Hammer to run exceptionally smooth, by far the smoothest running piece we stock. In addition to being smooth, it is also extremely quiet. The smooth nature of the machine allows for less pain and possibly quicker healing times.

Tattoo Machines

Tattoo machines are for professional use ONLY. The machines are always tuned and ready to use right out of the box. Machines and parts are guaranteed for life .


Joey Desormeaux tattoo machine “Holy Shader”
Weighs only 8.4 oz
8 wrap coils
All brass hardware
Guaranteed for life







One Inch Punch Shader
Weighs only 7 oz
Long stroke
8 wrap coils
Guaranteed for life





Owen Jensen Special Liner

Weighs only 8.4 oz
8 wrap coils
All brass hardware
Guaranteed for life






joey-holy-shader-mod (1)

Joey Desormeaux tattoo machine “Holy Shader”

Weighs only 8.4 oz
8 wrap coils
All brass hardware
Guaranteed for life

Teens and Tattoos

For these teens, tattoo designs are a highly personal decision, not so much affected by what other people think they should look like. Neither Rachel nor Jordan has fully set their minds on getting inked, although they’ve both tossed around possible designs.

“I want a tattoo that says, ‘Grandma’ and I would put it on my arm,” says Jordan. “I won’t have a tattoo that would show when I’m at work. It would be on my upper arm.”

Winstrand is considering a hidden placement as well. “I want four stars in a half circle on my hip,” she says.

That’s in keeping with another tattoo trend – discretion. According to the same Harris Media poll, 70 percent of teens and young adults who get tattoos place them in spots that potential employers wouldn’t see, thwarting one of the main arguments parents have against tattoos.

Carissas Hebrew Sister Tattoo Story

I just got my very first tattoo a month ago. I had been wanting to get one for a while and had a few in mind when my younger brother who is 20 called and was telling me about how him & my other brother (18 yrs) was going to get matching tattoos that mean brother in Hebrew and asked if I wanted to go with them to get sister and that he would pay for all of ours.

Right way, I knew I wanted to do it. Being a sister in one of the most things to me. My brothers & I have been through so much together. Not only was this my first tattoo but it was my youngest brother’s first one too. So we all went together & got it done. Also my husband went and got something totally diff but it was his first tattoo too. Now I have sister in Hebrew & they have brother.. I love it! It was a very meaningful tattoo & memory :)

Tattoo artist: Benjamin
Tattoo Studio: Artistry Ink

beautifull designs

Besides reaching the decision to have a tattoo at all, the next big decision is what design to choose. Tattoos can look really cool, provided a lot of thought has gone into choosing your design, and based clearly on the understanding that this is a permanent marking on your body. Removal is expensive, painful and not always effective.  some beautifull designs are listed here .

Classic-Anchor-Tattoo-Designs index peacock-tattoo-designs-for-girls samurai-tattoo-designs-ideas shoulder-tattoo-designs Tattoo-Design-002

Phoenix_tattoo_design_by_Tanni_chan lion_king_tattoo_designs_by_forgottenfreak-d4lp9jg koi_fish_tattoo_design_by_kattvalk-d47ssmx imagesd images4 7 5

Tattoo Removal Cream

Complete tattoo removal is not always possible.

Most tattoo removal creams are perfectly safe to use on skin without causing it any damage.There are creams that can be used to great effect without causing any discomfort.A cream that can be used on all different types of skin is best; it further minimizes the risk of having a bad reaction. some tattoo removal products are listed below..

$(KGrHqQOKpsE4jYemr!1BOVWRB(TQQ~~48_35 Erasyn-Tattoo-Removal-Cream-with-a-Specific-Tattoo-Removal-System Hydroquinone-alternative-cream-review Oxyfade-Kit-Tattoo-Cream-Removal-Perfect-Tattoo-Removal-Solution rxtattoo

Allison’s Taurus Symbol Tattoo Story


A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Just before he started his chemo, he came home with a brand new tattoo. It was a bull that had my name across it in a scroll. Naturally it was because I was a Taurus and quite bull headed but down to earth.

Fast forward a couple months and he has since passed on. I have always wanted a tattoo, and was thinking of something I could get in the memory of my father, since he had gotten himself tattooed for me. Since he was a Taurus and just as bull headed as I, I decided on the basic Taurus symbol for my tattoo. In essence, the tattoo is both a symbol of myself and my father as one.

Not only that, but through previous research I had learned that the Taurus astrological symbol is said to rule over the neck and throat (seeing as Taurus’s can often be lazy or gluttonous). So, the placement of the neck was my first choice for this one. As an added bonus, it’s easy to cover up if needed for work or other situations where tattoos aren’t readily accepted.

- Allison

Tattoo Artist: Carl
Tattoo Studio: Wildcard Tattoo in Newark, D

The hidden meaning of tattoo

If you’re going to get Chinese or Japanese characters permanently inked into your skin, consult someone who reads the language. Basketball player Marquis Daniels of the Boston Celtics thought he’d gotten his initials on his arm, but instead he got a tattoo that reads “healthy woman roof.” And when singer Britney Spears got a tattoo of the Chinese word for “mysterious,” it turned out to mean “strange.”

So why is it so many tattoos get lost in translation? Flash sheets -the patterns used by most tattoo artists- are rarely fact-checked. Instead, they’re passed around informally from one professional to the next.